Special Needs Karate

Karate is a combination of both physical and mental elements. It is highly recommended for children with special needs. The benefits of a karate program are invaluable because of the structure and discipline it brings to a child’s life.


Traci Marino seen here with Daniel

Consistency and repetition create familiarity and as a result, special needs children do well with classes. Repetition of the same location, faces, curriculum, and knowing what to expect are all part of the classes. Continuous structure and fun exercises help a child excel in the most adverse circumstances. Specific exercises can be created to fit each student’s particular developmental needs. These can help those who may experience difficulties with walking, flexibility, balance and coordination, strength, physical and motor skills, patience, awareness and attention, determination or other concerns.

Most importantly, karate is “fun.”  It gives students with special needs a boost of confidence and pride. Students are willing and excited to demonstrate something they have learned in class.